Use Code BUY4GET1 for a free headband!
Use Code BUY4GET1 for a free headband!
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    Our stylish headbands are meant to be worn any time, anywhere: at the gym, while running, at yoga, at Pilates, while dancing... and the list goes on. They're made for comfortable, all-day wear, and our fun patterns are sure to make you stand out in a crowd! We use special material that results in no headaches or snagging and wicks sweat away from your skin. The fabric is a lightweight spandex that is non-fraying, single-layered, breathable, and stretchy.

    Our Headbands

    One size fits all! Our Headbands measure 18 inches around and stretch up to 24 inches. The band is 3.5 inches wide in the front and tapered in the back. Wear a headband wide and low on the forehead for a non-slip and snug fit. Or, fold it down for a thin, fashionable look. For best results, hand wash in cool water and air dry. Don't iron or bleach, please!

    Every Headband from The Savvy Coconut is one-of-a-kind. Most don't match the exact photo shown on our website, depending on the cut of the fabric. If you prefer more of a certain color or print, please contact us at We'll get back with you ASAP.